Pre-Shave Oil

Pre-Shave Oil

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Burnt Whiskey’s Pre-Shave Oil provides a high degree of protection for your skin from the razor especially if you have sensitive skin or irritation after shaving.  It lubricates and moisturizes your skin and softens your facial hair so the razor glides across your skin comfortably.  The castor and avocado oil soften the skin, lock in moisture, and minimize dryness which reduces razor burn and nicks.  30 ml.

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Burnt Whiskey’s Distilled Pre-Shave Oil is practical and convenient. It’s small and lightweight enough to keep on hand wherever you go. It’s also easy to use. Apply 2-3 drops of Pre-Shave Oil between your fingers and rub it into your skin after thoroughly washing it with warm water, before applying your shaving cream. You can even shave without a shave cream if you apply this premium grade formula. Pre-shave Oil provides a high degree of protection, especially for sensitive and irritable skin, because being a true gentleman never goes out of style!

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