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Beard oil hand crafted in Canada with essential oils. 10 fresh scents from just $12. Beards feel fresh and smell great.

Beard Oil

Burnt Whiskey’s unique blends of all natural ingredients in our beard oils create an amazing conditioner as they penetrate deeply to moisturize, nourish, hydrate and soften your skin and beard.  Moisture is locked in which is great for relieving dry, itchy, flakey skin and dandruff.   Our beard oils help stimulate the hair follicles, improving beard hair growth and strengthening your beard hair.  Use of these rejuvenating and revitalizing products results in a tamed, healthy, radiant beard with a soft, non-greasy feel. 

Available in 30 ml, 10 ml and select 40 ml sizes.

Capone Beard Oil
from 12.00

Beard Oil Combos

Beard Oil 5 Pack
from 50.00
Beard Oil 3 Pack
from 33.00