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Burnt Whiskey Beard Co. - Beard Oil, Balm, Wax, and Accessories

The best source for beard oil, balms and moustache wax in Canada. Our unique blends will leave your face fresh and revitalized. Tame Your Mane.

All natural men’s grooming products


Beard Oil 3 Pack
from 33.00

Burnt Whiskey Products


Beard Oil

Burnt Whiskey’s unique blend of all natural ingredients in our beard oils create an amazing conditioner as they penetrate deeply to moisturize, nourish and soften your skin and beard.  Moisture is locked in which is great for relieving dry, itchy, flakey skin and dandruff.  Our beard oils help stimulate the hair follicles, improving hair growth and strengthening your beard hair. Use of these rejuvenating and revitalizing products result in a tamed, healthy, radiant beard with a soft, non-greasy feel.

Featured Item
Beard Oil 3 Pack

Pick any 3 Burnt Whiskey beard oil blends starting at $33.00 CAD.

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Beard Balm

As with all of burnt Whiskey's products, our beard balms are hand-crafted using only the highest quality, trusted ingredients on the market.  Not only does this product penetrate deeply and condition your skin and hair, it is also a great styling product as it tames the unruliest of manes.  The beeswax contained in our beard balms actually draws in a plethora of moisture and locks it in.  While replenishing and strengthening your hair, it improves the texture and helps your beard look thicker and more controlled.

Featured Item
Beard Balm 3 Pack

Pick any 3 Burnt Whiskey beard balms starting at $42.00 CAD.

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Moustache Wax

We all know that everybody has their own personality & style.  So here at Burnt Whiskey, we came up with a moustache wax strong enough to suit everyone's needs.  Burnt Whiskey uses only the finest, premium ingredients for our moustache wax because we know your face deserves only the best.

Featured Item
Burnt Whiskey Moustache Wax

Style your moustache. Choose from original or our signature scent for only $15.00 CAD.

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accessories shot.jpg

Beard Accessories

Here at Burnt Whiskey, we wanted to accessorize all of our family and friends with gear to fit the every day individual.  We understand not everyone can grow luscious beards, but everyone can be part of the Burnt Whiskey family.  With our wide range of merchandise, you shouldn't have any problems accessorizing.

Featured Accessory
Wooden Pocket Beard Comb

Maple Wood Pocket Comb.  A great gift for just  $25.00 CAD.

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Burnt Whiskey Apparel

Burnt Whiskey Beard Co has a unique array of clothing, carrying everything from flannel to hoodies to toques and hats.  We are very excited to be teamed up with tattoo artist Gwendolyn Williams, owner and founder of Painted Lotus Studios in Victoria, BC.  Gwen's amazing art speaks for itself.  Check out our apparel section for Gwen's one of a kind designs for our men's and women's apparel line.

What we're made of

For thousands of years, man has endured the bearded struggle;  everything from unruly, scruffy, scraggly beards and moustaches, to flakey, dry, itchy skin.  From glacier capped peaks to the hot summer sands, we know your struggles and Burnt Whiskey Beard Co has you covered.  Our line of hand-crafted, mane taming products, will keep you looking slick and feeling great.


burnt whiskey's promise to you:

premium quality, all natural products that are free from artificial colours, fragrances,

parabens, and cheap fillers.  Nothing but the best.

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